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Xtraman Fundraising Cards

#1 Basketball Fundraiser - Fundraising Cards
Our Desert Hot Shots season was rescued with Xtraman. We couldn't keep up with the equipment cost of new basketball gymnasium stands and a new wood floor court, so our team couldn't join the High School league. Again, with the help of Xtraman and these fantastic cards, our supportive community, friends and families came through to fundraise the costs.
Justin - Varisty High School Coach

Two years in a row Xtraman Fundraising have won the hearts of many organizations and parents all over the US. Their low time investment and impressive profit margin, Xtraman Fundraising Discount Cards is a great choice for first-year starters or funding veterans. Their famous free shipping orders and no up front cost - Making this a no brainer. See their fundraising cards for basketball teams.

For High School basketball, Xtraman Fundraising - High School here.


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